14. Mar 2023

A strategic partnership in the Payment Systems industry

Blu5 and KQ Partnership

Blu5 - KQ coming together for efficient and safer payments

MALTA, March 2023 - Blu5 Group is pleased to announce a new technology partnership with KQ SpA - a leading provider of cashless payment solutions for vending machines, catering services and retail.

Innovation in the payments space is not stalled by recession. On the contrary, with more merchants and shoppers looking to financial and payments technology for additional convenience, demand for new efficiency and secure payment products and solutions is increasing exponentially.

This partnership will see Blu5 Secure Virtual Networking solution - SElink™ - integrated with KQ payment systems. KQ new solution has been named ark®.

The resulting commercial and technology partnership allows for the deployment of cyber resilient and virtualised payment network systems to the benefit of tens of thousands of users seamlessly. ark® offers simplified management and networking efficiency while providing agile security for a future-proof business in a fast-evolving threat landscape.

Through the integration of SElink™ technology by Blu5 and KQ advanced cashless payment systems, the companies have created a disruptive solution for client-to-client secure virtual links in a pure Zero Trust approach to replace outdated standard VPN solutions. The advantages of this approach are numerous, as it provides low latency, zero network overheads, agile and quantum-ready security, as well as significant cost and energy savings in terms of infrastructure.

With this partnership the companies intend to deliver more robust payment solutions across key domains suck as Public Utilities, Public Administration, Vending Machines, Retail.

About Blu5 Group

Blu5 Group is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that help organizations optimize their use of IT resources and build cyber resilience. Blu5 approach to networking and security is transformational, with a focus on efficiency, virtualization, and agility in a pure Zero Trust model. With extensive experience working with Industry and Government clients, Blu5 has expertise in key domains such as Finance and Banking, IIoT/IoT, Healthcare, Retail, Military, and Space.

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About KQ

KQ was founded by merging two historic companies specializing in payment systems: QSAVE, which focuses on meal vouchers for retail, and ELKEY, which specializes in cashless systems for vending machines. KQ develops innovative and versatile solutions for various markets, including vending, cashless, collective catering, and retail. The core of their solutions is payment control in all forms and formats, even when payment becomes a virtual transaction for a service. Ark is a cross-cutting solution for security and efficiency in networks serving these markets and their services.

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