12. Oct 2022

Big Data & AI World, Singapore

Big Data & AI World, Singapore

Blu5 Group was honoured to support Tekmark Group bring an innovative approach to traditional networking to existing and potential clients at Big Data & AI Work event in Singapore 2022.

The rapid development of Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing have led to the explosive growth of data in almost every industry and business area. Applications are constantly increasing the rate that data is growing in the world. Big data statistics show that data creation will increase and go beyond 180 ZB (zettabytes) by 2025.

A flexible, efficient and secure networking architecture is required in order to process big data and address network resources limits. When looking at data from a networking perspective, many different areas are involved and that includes network topology optimisation, big data processing and management, security, and privacy issues.

A typical organisation has a limited network infrastructure and resources capable of handling these volumes of traffic flows, which cause services to become strained. This can reduce network performance affect bandwidth and expose hardware limitations of devices.

Virtual networking solutions are used to bring many advantages over a complex network architecture such as programmability, improved throughput, performance, load balancing, scalability and a reduction in bottlenecks and latency when leveraging on the right kind of topology, scheduling, and optimisation techniques.

Blu5 Groups takes pride in helping organisations face the networking and security challenges of big data management. Blu5 solutions supports dynamic hybrid networking requirements and optimisation for a more secure, manageable and cost-effective network infrastructure while reducing the attack surface and securing core critical operations. At Blu5, we engineer solutions that empower several industries and traverse various verticals including (but not limited to) IoT, Critical infrastructure, Law Enforcement, Energy, Finance and Banking, as well as Government and Space.

Sharing SElink integrations in third party devices

SElink is a solution that prioritises secure virtual networking. This product is an evolution of the VPN, aimed to overcome the bandwidth limitations, connectivity challenges, as well as the security vulnerabilities of the standard SSL/TLS protocol. This is done by providing a zero trust security model, combined with software-defined network segmentation and whitelisting practices.

We are currently implementing SElink as a solution for several products including smart cars, law enforcement webcams and satellites. Working hand in hand with our customers we have successfully delivered the following benefits for our end users:

  1. Improved level of resilience to cyber attacks, including malware!
  2. Seamless integrations into heterogenous third-party devices
  3. Increased system efficiency over resource limited operations scenarios (limited bandwidth, poor connectivity)
  4. Improved connectivity (flexibly deployments and topologies including device-to-device interconnections)
  5. Rationalisation of operational costs (No VPN, No PKI infrastructure, No static IP addresses)
  6. Ease of management (abstraction of the physical layer, no endpoint configuration, centralised control ideal for wide geographical spread deployments)