1. Jul 2021

Blu5 and S2 Grupo join forces to introduce disruptive technologies in the field of cyber security in Spain

Blu5 - S2 Grupo strategic partnership announcement

Blu5 - S2 Grupo strategic partnership announcement

VALENCIA & SINGAPORE, July 2021 - Blu5 and S2 Grupo are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership combining Blu5 solutions delivering cyberresilience for continuity of operations beyond cybersecurity, and S2 Grupo the benchmark company in Europe and Latin America, for cyber intelligence and mission critical operations Systems.

With security playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, organizations start to recognize that despite growing security investments resulting in the piling of additional security layers to the networks, the traditional cyber security strategies are no longer enough.

The Blu5-S2 Grupo partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy and deployment but above it brings about a change in the traditional security paradigm to help support clients maintain continuity of operations even when the environment is compromised. Through the powerful and successful embrace of the Zero trust approach we will empower organizations understand and owe the risk and be able to manage it, cutting down on unnecessary layers and still improve the security posture.

"Blu5 enters the Spanish market together with S2 Grupo and this represents a union of enormous value for the field of cybersecurity. Blu5 is a great expert in the development of cutting-edge technologies at an international level and S2 Grupo is a benchmark in the field of cybersecurity. We need to advance a cybersecure world to stay ahead of cybercrime and this union is a great step in this direction", explained Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"We are very pleased with this union with Blu5 because it means a great added value for our customers, as well as the introduction of a disruptive and differentiating technology in the market. By using this technology, it is possible to secure communications in a much more efficient and robust way. Therefore, it will allow us to provide our clients with a qualitative leap in the cyber protection of their organizations," said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"S2 Grupo deep understanding of complex requirements, its recognised engineering cyber security expertise, and solid international presence will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients and place our clients on the best path for successful resilient business, said Antonio Varriale Blu5 Group founder and CTO."

Some of the new Blu5 products that S2 Grupo will offer are:

SEDESK (Secure Unified Workspace): a unified and secure workspace that reduces the attack surface and improves productivity.

SELINK (Secure Virtual Networking): evolution of VPN technologies, to overcome bandwidth limitations and connectivity challenges, as well as the security vulnerabilities of the standard SSL / TLS protocol.

SECUBE (Reconfigurable Silicon): a powerful chip that integrates three key security elements in a single package. It manages processes and safeguards the cryptographic algorithm and keys used to protect transactions, applications and sensitive data.

About Blu5

Blu5 is a leading provider of endpoint and networking out-of-the-box cyber resilient solutions, for any business facing the challenges of digital transformation projects at times of disruption. We take pride in supporting digitisation teams in the challenge to reduce the surface of attacks while securing core critical operations. At Blu5, we engineer solutions which empower industries like IoT, Critical Infrastructures, Finance and Banking, Government and Space, continuously deliver services and operations despite the occurrence of cyber events. Smooth system integration, cost-effective and timely solutions are our daily leads. Working hand in hand with our customers to deliver user-centric and lightweight security implementations. Academia cooperation and security culture dissemination support the company innovation stream. Blu5 main office in Singapore, R&D facilities in Europe, and manufacturing in the Asia Pacific.


About S2 Grupo

S2 Grupo is a company specialized in the development and provision of products and services related to cybersecurity and critical systems management. Its objective is to guarantee processes and protect the most valuable asset of companies and public bodies: information.

The company closed 2020 with a turnover of 19.5 million euros, a growth of more than 12% over the previous year, and a workforce of 414 employees. Since its creation in 1999, S2 Grupo has become a benchmark company in the security environment on an international scale. Its clients include leading companies in the Distribution, Energy, Banking and Insurance, Healthcare, Industry and Public Administration sectors. The company is headquartered in Madrid and its 24x7 Service Center is located in Valencia. It also has offices in Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Bogota and Mexico City.