7. Mar 2019

Blu5 Group is about to export the CyberChallenge format to Asia. Challenging times ahead!

Blu5 is about to export the CyberChallenge format to Asia

The CyberChallenge.it format is set to come to the shores of Asia CINI - Blu5 a winning collaboration

PISA, February 2019 - Blu5 Group in collaboration with CINI, Laboratorio Nazionale di Cyber Security (The Italian Cyber Security Lab), are pleased to announce the export of the Italian Cyber Challenge format to South Korea.

Blu5 Group has been actively supporting CINI initiatives, including the cyber security training program for young High School and University talented students both in terms of sponsorship and provisioning of Blu5 security platforms for the hands-on coaching sessions to shape new cyber defenders.

CyberChallenge is a worldwide adopted initiative but the CyberChallenge.it format is unique in its kind. Backed by the partnerships between the Government, the Industry and the Academia, the CyberChallenge format is a comprehensive program for the look-out of the next generation of cyber defenders. Key building block of the Cyber and IT Security National strategy, this initiative has the ultimate goal of raising and training a new generation of cyber innovators and talents to thwart future cyberthreats.

The strong Asian presence of Blu5 Group, with headquarters in Singapore, facilitated contacts with Government Institutions and Industry from South Korea for the export of the CyberChallenge IT format.

The implementation of the first CyberChallenge event in Seoul marks the milestone in the organising of future Challenges in the Asian continent, as it is yet the case in the European continent.