11. May 2023

Integrated Zero Trust Security for First Responders and Critical Information Infrastructure (DMR, TETRA) solutions

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Ensuring the protection of critical communication from unauthorised access is vital to safeguard confidentiality, preserve integrity, and maintain the availability of information.

Employing secure communication channels, mitigating insider threats, and adopting a zero trust architecture are essential steps towards enhancing the security of critical communication for first responders.

SElink Secure Virtual Networking based on Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA) is an integrated networking solution designed to address challenges in Connectivity, Networking, and Security.

SElink efficiently and securely connects people, devices and applications to services creating a real air-gapped environment through zero trust virtual networking.

Built on the ZTNA principle of default-deny, real-time adaptive trust mechanisms for access control, users and machines are authenticated and authorised before being granted access to the resources on the network. This is achieved through a combination of technologies, including identity and access management, multi-factor authentication, encryption, software-defined networking and micro-segmentation. This helps reduce the risk of security breaches from external and internal threats. SElink security, resistant to quantum-attacks, is natively integrated to prevent threats from slipping through the cracks, and to eliminate the cost of provisioning, managing and scaling security for each individual workload. SElink offers crypto-agility ensuring that your systems stay secure and reliable for the long haul. A scalable cluster architecture makes SElink ideal for managing distributed endpoints (devices, users, branches, industrial plants) from remote, covering global on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

SElink can be extremely beneficial for First Responders and Critical Information Infrastructure (DMR, TETRA) particularly in emergency situations where secure and reliable communication is crucial. With SElink ZTNA, they can ensure that only authorised personnel and devices are accessing the virtual network, while virtual networking allows them to securely communicate and share resources from anywhere. SElink Secure Virtual Networking is also vital for the remote management of field devices from anywhere using an internet connection, making it possible to perform updates, diagnostics, and troubleshooting without physically accessing the device. This can improve communication and collaboration between First Responders and to the Critical Information infrastructure (CII), leading to more effective emergency response and potentially saving lives.

SElink benefits for First Responders and Critical Information Infrastructure:

Zero Trust Remote Access
Service-based Zero Trust Remote Access to field devices (radios), Remote Command Centre and Technical Support Centre

Flat Network architectures
No subnets, no firewalls, no routers to reduce network complexity

Air-gapped servers from cyber threats
Servers are isolated from the internet exposure

Ease of Maintenance
Simple and Unified Management tool for the remote update of geographically dispersed field devices

Sustainability, Efficiency and Cost Reduction
Low energy consumption
Less bandwidth to transfer information securely
No more public IP addresses, dedicated SIM cards, APN, Private Switched networks, VPN