12. Apr 2016

New scientific trend in the design and technology of integrated system

Blu5 new platform SEcube at DTIS

There couldn’t be a better venue than the DTIS (Design and Technology of Integrated Systems in nanoscale Area) to raise the consciousness of the existence of a real piece of miniature art in its kind impersonated by Blu5 new platform, SEcube™.

Blu5 SoC is a powerful, flexible and open platform featuring three cores in a single chip, capable of hiding significant complexity behind a set of simple high-level APIs.
This new piece of design is ready to be shared with developers and integrators looking for the right environment for custom applications. The platform provides several functional entry levels, ranging from the hardware to software APIs as well as ready services. This way, developers who do not feel comfortable on security aspects can use the easy-to-use API abstraction layer and experience the SEcube™ as a high-security black box. Conversely, security experts can avail of the open source character, and verify, change, or write from scratch the entire system, starting from the elementary low-level blocks.