17. Jun 2022

Ensuring secure and efficient critical communications with SElink Zero Trust Secure Virtual Networking integrated in Hytera 5G Rugged PNC560 device

secure and efficient critical communications with SElink

While voice applications remain paramount, data - and video - based applications are becoming increasingly important during crisis situations and day-to-day operations. New network technology generations (i.e., LTE/5G etc.), can drastically enhance the situational awareness and the overall efficiency of operations.

Hytera 5G Rugged PNC560 push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) enhance the most useful aspects of the traditional two-way radio while integrating and supplementing them with the data, video and voice capabilities of mobile phone networks.

This means that, ultimately, you can push-to-talk with international users, not just those in close range. On top of global coverage, other key benefits are:

  • i. No infrastructure required,
  • ii. Rapid deployments,
  • iii. unlimited bandwidth,
  • iv. PTT individual and group calling,
  • v. GPS location tracking.

Besides ensuring global connectivity, protecting critical communication from unauthorised access is key to the success of first responders as well as any business, organisation or government agency.

This is where SElink technology from Blu5 comes in to provide comprehensive Zero Trust Network Access security resilient to post-Quantum attacks at both the device and network levels. Lightweight and protocol independent, SElink can be easily integrated into heterogenous devices and provide security and network efficiency across multiple networks address mission critical dynamic infrastructures. Integrated into Hytera 5G Rugged PNC560, SElink provides real-time device-to-device and device-to-node post-quantum encryption for a pervasive security. SElink replaces the traditional VPN technology which is considered not any more suited to address continuous identity and context verification for access control at service level, nor simultaneous hyper connections in a seamless way. Advanced features of virtual networking no longer require public IP addresses on the device nor dedicated APN or SIM cards, thus reducing the surface of attack and lowering the running costs.

SElink brings together connection and protection at global scale, centrally managed from a single interface. This tight integration of virtual networking techniques with Zero Trust security, Quantum-safe, delivers the mission agility, ubiquitous connectivity, pervasive security over any deployment.

SElink Zero Trust Secure Virtual Networking is your sustainable, frictionless and commercially viable solution that consolidate and simplify networking and security tools in a single platform.

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